A Day in the Life of Olivia

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It was a cool day in August, or so they say - I don’t leave the building for fear of the great unknown… where is the food served out there? I was pacing and talking in my room, restless as a tiger. Clearly my servants weren’t picking up on my subtle clues that I was hungry. After devouring my meager breakfast of Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d kibble presented to me by my butler Harvey, I was once again denied access to my BFF Alena’s leftovers.  Instead of feasting on food that my servants insist will upset my stomach, I ventured to the front lobby to greet the rest of my staff.

While trying to decide if I should vomit on the counter anyway so they can’t use that excuse any more, I noticed a nice lady sitting on one of the benches aside a kennel that can be moved. I strolled across the lobby and stopped just short of the nice lady and stretched my legs to so she could fully appreciate my beauty and agility. She reached down and pet me, of course, as they all do. All too soon one of my staff called her into an exam room and shut the door behind them. My attempt at early morning attention was thwarted – so I vomited on the counter.

The next few hours were a blur of activity. As I came in and out of consciousness from my napping basket, I watched the staff hurry to answer phones, take people into rooms, and play with the “cute” puppies. It’s ridiculous how much attention they pay those crazy little things – giving extra treats, squeeze cheese, and love. And don’t get me started on how they dote on that creature they call “Poo Poo.” *sigh*

After rousing myself for a short walk before my next nap I gracefully hopped over the counter to find someone to pet me. My butler is nowhere to be found, probably trying to tame the horde of beasts behind the big wooden door. Strolling through the big room where all of the interesting things seem to happen, I notice my BFF. She looks annoyed. Well, that’s nothing new. I give a small greeting and shake my tail so she knows I’m annoyed that she looks annoyed. Alena doesn’t answer, she’s not easy to provoke. Maybe I can find Bean…

I hear a barking dog up front and race to tease it – a perk of clinic residency – but it’s already been taken into a room. I pushed some papers off the counter.

One of my staff was busily scribbling on some paper so I walked over and stretched over her arms so she’d pay attention to me.  After a quick pat I was brushed aside so she could keep scribbling nonsense. I jumped up to the top counter and quickly groomed myself in anticipation of the next human to arrive with their animal. It feels so good to stretch after so many hours napping. Good thing it’s almost time for supper and bedtime.

I wonder if they realize the amount of work I do around here. I mean, greeting people between naps is really draining. Sure, I get some attention, but a little appreciation would be nice. *Oof* What the? One of my staff pushed me off the comfortable stack of charts I was so innocently dazing on. I think I will try to vomit on her notebook.

This time of the day is my favorite: one of the younger servants tries to catch me and I exercise my ninja skills to evade capture. Even though I’m ready for my food, it’s fun to try and outsmart them. Once I am tired of the game, the servant scoops me up in a snuggled embrace and places me back in my room. I, again, devour my food and call for more. I am continually denied a second course. Instead I usually choose to flip my water bowl and scrunch up my blankets so my butler has more to clean in the morning. The effort generally drains me of the little energy I have left, and I am lulled to sleep by the soothing noises of animals being taken care of by my staff. I guess they are pretty okay.